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Google Hangouts Now Automatically Added to Calendar Invites

You may have noticed an extra link in calendar invites you created or received this week.  Google now adds a video hangout automatically to all of the events you create in Google Calendar.   This makes it super easy to have a video conference with up to 15 people!

Side note – Participants must have a Google Account to Join.  In order to join a hangout larger than 2 people, participants must alos have joined Google Plus.


Calendar Gadget in Gmail

By enabling this Gmail Lab, you are equipped with a preview of your Google Calendar in the left hand side of your inbox.  This allows you easy access to see when your next meeting is scheduled or what time you have available in the coming days.  Watch the video to see how to turn on this feature in your email.

Add Events to Google Calendar From Within an Email

A recent minor update to Gmail now allows users to add dates from within an email directly to their calendar.  Check out the post from the Gmail Blog below for details.

Posted by Boris Khvostichenko, Product Manager
If you do a lot of scheduling over email, it’s now a little bit easier to create events directly from your Gmail. Starting today, dates and times within emails are lightly underlined: click them to schedule that conference call or lunch date without ever leaving Gmail.

When you click on one of these underlined dates, you’ll be able to preview your schedule for the day and change the title, date or time of the event. Clicking “Add to Calendar” will do exactly that — add the event to your calendar, and for extra convenience, the calendar event will include a link back to the original email.

This new feature is rolling out over the next week to everyone with the English (US) language. We’ll be adding other languages soon, so stay tuned.

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How to Insert a Calendar Invitation in a Gmail Message

It is extremely easy to insert an event invitation into an email message.  This feature automatically invites all of the email recipients to your event.  This also allows you to create a more visually appealing invitation as you have all the  formatting options of Gmail that you would not be able to use if you invited people from Google Calendar.  Go ahead and try this next time you need to send out an invite!