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Chrome has been updated to version 32!  What does this new version have to offer?  One of the more interesting and useful things are tab notifications.  If you are like me and have lots of tabs open all the time, this is going to be very useful!  So what do these notifications look like?

The first (and most useful in my mind) is a sound notification.  Some websites will start to play video ads after loading.  If you do not have that tab open at the time, it can be a hassle trying to find the one that is making all the noise so that you can mute it.  Now, with Chrome 32, you get a nice little icon in the tab/tabs that are making noise.  Here is what it looks like.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 8.57.33 AM



That nice little speaker icon lets you know that the tab is playing audio.

The next notification has to do with tabs that are accessing your webcam.  This can be a handy thing to know if you want to make sure that you are completely out of a video chat, or if a sneaky site is trying to access your camera.  Here is what that icon looks like.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 9.01.39 AM


That nice red icon lets me know that the tab is accessing my webcam.

The update also includes some security enhancements and speed improvements.  Any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Want to see the full rundown?  Check out this post from the Google Chrome Blog.


Ready to Make the Switch to Chrome? Here is what you need to know!

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Chrome is my top pick when it comes to browsers.  While I know some of you need to use IE or Firefox for a particular web app or two, you can always have two browsers open at a time.  If you are ready to take that plunge, I recommend having Google Chrome open as your second browser.  The ease of use and simple integration with all of the Google Apps (Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Plus, etc…) make Chrome a no brainer when you need things to just work.  Check out this rather large playlist covering all of the Google Chrome features you may need.  If you click the menu button on the upper left, you can pick and choose the videos that are the most relevant to your learning needs!


Snag-It Web Clipper

Looking for a way to take a screen shot of your browser window?  Well look no further! The guys over a TechSmith, makers of Camtasia Studio, have come out with an excellent Chrome extension/plugin that allows you to take a snapshot of your whole screen or just a portion of it.

Here is a really short video demonstration of the tool!

If you want to install, head over to the TechSmith Page @

 Here is a screenshot I took of this post while I was creating it!Wordpress Screenshot



Evernote’s New WebClipper is Amazing!

The Evernote WebClipper, which has long been a favorite of mine to clip news articles, web pages and even emails, just got a great upgrade!  The extension now allows you to mark up, annotate, highlight and so much more!  With a few clicks of your mouse, you can clip any page on the internet, mark it up how you want to and share it, all without leaving the site you are on!  Amazing!  Watch this video for a quick overview and then get over to the Chrome WebStore to download this thing now!

What is a browser?

I know it may seem like such a simple question, but the explanation is so good that I just had to share.  For those of you who ever wanted to learn a little bit more about what a browser is and does, this is a great video for you!
Basic explanation of the web browser. Learn more at

How to Compose a Message without Opening Gmail

Here is a Chrome extension that allows you to compose messages without opening up you mail.  You merely have to click on the button on the toolbar and compose your email.  Very handy if you need to quickly send something from your browser.

Chrome: Now Everywhere

Google Chrome is my browser of choice due to its speed, simplicity and Google Apps integration.  Now, no matter what device you may be using, you can sign into the browser and all of your content (ie…bookmarks, history, etc.) will be synced.  This is handy for all sorts of reasons!  Check out the video for more info.

One browser for your laptop, phone and tablet. When you use Chrome across all of your devices, your web gets better, everywhere.

Find out more at

Clear cache and cookies in Google Chrome

Watch this video to learn how to clear your cache and cookies in Google Chrome. Clearing your cache and cookies will often fix any problems that Google Chrome may be having. This helps to kind of “reset” your browser to a clean slate. All of your bookmarks and favorites will still be there, so no worries there. The next time that your browser freezes on you, or is causing problems, try this first!