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Last week’s update to Google Drive provided a huge list of new features to Docs and Sheets.  One of my favorites so far is the Track Changes app from Letter Feed.  Similar to the same function in MS Word, Track Changes in Google Drive allows you to see all recent edits made to a document as well as who made those changes.  As the owner of the document, you can approve or reject the changes as you see fit!  This is a great tool to increase collaboration on a Google Doc.

Want to give it a try?  Go here to install.

Check out this quick video detailing how this new add-on works.

Google+ Powered YouTube Comments


Comments on YouTube videos will now be powered by Google+.  With this new update, you will also have a little bit more customization when it comes to the comments on a video that you upload.  Here is a few of the new features that this update brings.

Via YoutubeBlog -

Here’s more detail about the new YouTube comments powered by Google+:

  • Comments you care about move to the top: You’ll see posts at the top of the list from the video’s creator, popular personalities, engaged discussions about the video, and people in your Google+ Circles. You can still see the most recent comments by switching from “Top Comments” to “Newest First.”
  • Join the conversation publicly or privately: You can choose to start a conversation so that it is seen by everyone, only people in your Circles, or just your bestie. Like Gmail, replies are threaded so you can easily follow conversations.
  • Easily moderate comments: If you also post videos on your channel, you’ll have new tools to review comments before they’re posted, block certain words or save time by auto-approving comments from certain fans.

Check out this video for more information.

Google Keep Update Provides Time and Location Reminders

Google Keep, the note taking, list making alternative to services like Evernote and, recently updated its mobile app and web service to provide users with time and location reminders for notes kept in the service.  This is a pretty handy feature, as it allows you to create notes and have your browser or mobile phone alert you when you need to see them!

A great example of the location reminder would be a grocery list.  Keep your list in Google Keep, set a location reminder to your favorite grocery store and voila, the next time you are at the store, your phone will alert you and allow you to view your grocery list!

Another example, using the time reminder, would be meeting notes.  You could have your talking points pop up on your phone 10 minutes before that important meeting so that you get a last minute look at what you want to say!

Check out the video for a brief overview of the service!

SU Work Has Gone Google!

The Google Apps suite of tools are always being updated, upgraded and improved upon for the benefit of the end user.  Here at SU we are lucky to have this wonderful suite of applications at our disposal.  The seamless integration between email, calendar, drive and plus allows for an amazing collaborative experience that benefits our staff, faculty and students.  I encourage you all to use these great tools to collaborate with your peers and share the great things that you are doing here at Shenandoah University!  Keep up the fantastic work that you are doing!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to learn more about how you can use Google Apps here at SU!

Google Reader is Going Away

On July 1, 2013 Google Reader will be shutting down its services.  This RSS reader has been a staple for many years and will be missed by many.  If you need to transfer your feeds or are looking for an alternative, the folks over at Gizmodo have come up with a list of ten pretty good alternatives.  (My favorite is Pulse for iPad and Android)

Click here to go to see Google Reader Alternatives

If you have any questions, or need help transferring your feeds from Google, please let me know and I would be more than happy to assist!

Google Now for iPhone and iPad

Introducing Google Now for iOS. Just the right information, at just the right time, before you even ask.

Weather, traffic, transit schedules, even the latest scores come automatically, appearing throughout the day just as you need them. There’s no digging required. Google Now organizes the things you need to know, freeing you up to focus on what’s important to you.

To use Google Now on your iPhone or iPad, get the Google Search app from the App Store and sign into your Google account.

Google Keep – Note Taking and List Making

Google came out with Google Keep this week to little fanfare.  The previously unannounced service was leaked over the weekend and then actually was announced on Wednesday, March 20.  So far it seems like it is a simple note taking and list making web app that also has a decent Android app to go along with it.  The service is still a little buggy, which is to be expected since it just came out and got hammered by millions of people trying it out for the first time.  While this is no Evernote killer application, it is good that Google is making moves in this direction.  The integration of this app with gmail, calendar, google tasks, google plus and drive could make this one heck of a competitor to Evernote.  The seamless integration of all of these services could become something that would eventually make me want to switch from Evernote, but for now, I think I will wait to see what happens before I make that kind of commitment!  Check out the video for a taste.  You can try it out yourself by going to


Google Search App: Snow Day

This video shows one of the many neat things that you can do with the Google Search App.  I use the voice search all the time to pull up information on the weather, news, unit conversions and any general search that I need to perform.  During football season it will even tell me the sports scores.  Very nice.

More info:
Availability: Spoken response is currently available to those with the Google Search App set to US-English.

Google Search – Filter by Reading level

Did you know that you can filter your Google search results by reading level?  This can come in handy if you need to filter results to meet a certain level.

Watch this video to learn more about the reading level tool!

Organize your Labels in Gmail….Hide Ones You Don’t Use!

Here is a great video showing you how to organize your Labels in Gmail. Want to get rid of those annoying circles from your labels? Want to get rid of the Spam and Trash label? No problem. In a few short clicks you can be on your way to label independence. Complete freedom to show and use the labels that YOU want to use for your email experience. Remember, Work Smarter, Not Harder…